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advanced satellite solutions

Global Satellite Internet

The global internet access provided through VSAT technology.

Satellite Phones

Make a phone call regardless of where you are geographical.

Military Solutions

Our satellite services are available in all US bases.


most popular satellites


Europe, Africa, the Middle East


South America, the Caribbean Sea

Hylas 2 Beam 30

Afghanistan, Tajikistan

Hylas 2 Beam 26

Kuwait, Iraq

Hylas 2 Steerable A

Libya, Tunisia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Albania, Malta


Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea


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TS2 SPACE is a company of key importance for the operation of critical state infrastructure in the fight against COVID-19

Due to the wide range of satellite telecommunications services provided for entities of strategic importance to Poland, our company has been included in an official list of key entities vital[…]

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New KA-Band satellite broadband in Iraq, Syria and Armenia

TS2 SPACE has recently launched new KA-BAND satellite services. Using the HYLAS 2 spacecraft, the company now provides high- speed data services to Iraq, Syria and Armenia. The HYLAS 2[…]

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A new project for the United States Marine Corps

We have completed the iDirect satellite network project for 26 Marine bases in Iraq located in the following places: Ramadi (bases in the eastern, western and central part of the[…]

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