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advanced satellite solutions

Global Satellite Internet

The global internet access provided through VSAT technology.

Satellite Phones

Make a phone call regardless of where you are geographical.

Two-way Radio

We have the most comprehensive portfolio of digital two-way radios.


most popular satellites


Europe, Africa, the Middle East


South America, the Caribbean Sea

Hylas 2 Beam 30

Afghanistan, Tajikistan

Hylas 2 Beam 26

Kuwait, Iraq

Hylas 2 Steerable A

Libya, Tunisia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Albania, Malta


Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea


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Show a realistic HD photo of anonymous individuals, epitomizing luxury and achievement, each sporting a high-quality generic watch, in a setting typically associated with the promotion of luxury brands. These individuals should be a balanced symphony of diverse descents and genders.

Hublot brand ambasadori: sinonim za luksuz i postignuće

Sažetak: Hublot, švicarski proizvođač luksuznih satova, poznat je po inovativnom dizajnu i korištenju jedinstvenih materijala. Vitalni dio njegovog brand identiteta čine ambasadori koji predstavljaju kompaniju u različitim područjima kao što[…]

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A high-definition, hyper-realistic image of an advanced, unlocked smartphone model. Portray an ultra-modern design, showcasing its sleek sophistication and a sense of immense technological progression. Display technological characteristics resembling the latest innovations in smartphone technology, including a clear, high-resolution display, multiple camera lenses intelligently designed on the back, and a distinct color gradient on its sleek and durable material body. Note the overall emphasis should be on illustrating the promise of enhanced freedom and functionality in the world of smartphones.

Der Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked: Ein großer Schritt in Richtung Smartphone-Freiheit und Funktionalität

Das Reich der Smartphones ist ein ständig fortschreitender Raum, in dem Funktionen, Design und technologische Fähigkeiten immer in Bewegung sind. In diese dynamische Szene hat Google den Pixel 6 Pro[…]

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Produce a detailed, high-definition realistic image of a stealth helicopter, capturing its unique aerodynamic shape, matte black paint, rivet-less construction and advanced rotor systems. Please include annotations to mark the key design features that contribute to its stealth capabilities, such as radar-absorbing materials, shielded engine compartments, and noise-reducing rotor design.

Understanding the US Stealth Helicopter: An Overview

Summary: The use of stealth helicopters by the United States military represents a significant leap in aviation and tactical operations. Employing advanced technologies to minimize their radar cross-section and noise[…]

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