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advanced satellite solutions

Global Satellite Internet

The global internet access provided through VSAT technology.

Satellite Phones

Make a phone call regardless of where you are geographical.

Two-way Radio

We have the most comprehensive portfolio of digital two-way radios.


most popular satellites


Europe, Africa, the Middle East


South America, the Caribbean Sea

Hylas 2 Beam 30

Afghanistan, Tajikistan

Hylas 2 Beam 26

Kuwait, Iraq

Hylas 2 Steerable A

Libya, Tunisia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Albania, Malta


Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea


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Create a high-definition, detailed digital rendering of a professional website layout with AI-powered design elements and functionalities. Featured sections include image creation tools, navigation bars, and a logo. The brand elements should reflect futuristic themes suggesting high-technology and innovation. Please avoid any specific brand associations but aim for an aesthetic that projects a digital company focused on AI-based technologies.

Meta Debuts Free AI-Powered Image Creation Website

In an innovative move, Meta has unveiled ‘Imagine with Meta AI’, an accessible website that harnesses artificial intelligence to generate images from user-written prompts. The AI model responsible for this,[…]

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A high-definition, realistic representation of the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being used to revolutionize the process of image editing, specifically the removal of backgrounds. This could be done visually by incorporating symbols of AI, such as neural networks or futuristic computer interfaces, along with tools used for image editing, such as a stylus or software interface.

Understanding AI Background Removal: Revolutionizing Image Editing

Summary: AI background removal is an advanced technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and remove the background from images. This process facilitates seamless editing for various purposes, such as[…]

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A F-22 Raptor: Fejlesztések és következmények a modern légi harcban

A F-22 Raptor egy modern mérnöki csoda, egy vadászrepülőgép, amely nemcsak hadászati stratégiákat, hanem az légi harc technológiai táját is átformálta. A Raptor, ellentétben elődeivel, ötvözi az álcázást, a szupercrui-set,[…]

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