Thursday, 26 July 2007
The main goal of expedition is to reach Lenin Peak. Peak famous till 1928 as Mount Kaufmann, and to 2006 as Lenin Peak is 7134 meters high and is the second Pamir's mountain in terms of height (after Ismail Samani Peak). TS2 SPACE Company is one of expedition's sponsors.
Wednesday, 18 July 2007
On 20th July 2007 Polish mountaineering expedition sets out for Greenland. It is led by famous Polish climbers and explorers David Kaszlikowski and Eliza Kubarska. The main task of expedition is to mark out a new, possibly difficult way in Agdlerussakasit fjord area (for ex. Thumbnail Cliff - vertical walls of the biggest cliff in the world amounting to almost 1,5 km) or in quite "new" virgin regions of south - east Greenland. Company TS2 SPACE Technology is one of the official sponsors.
Saturday, 07 July 2007
We are looking for technical support employees for the IT HelpDesk Specialist position. The employee's duties will cover ongoing support for users of the satellite Internet access via electronic channels and cooperation with buyers of the satellite handsets in the country and overseas.
Monday, 21 May 2007
Our satellite network in Iraq and Afghanistan has over 7450 regular users, that use daily the network of independent VSAT terminals. Connectivity services have been bought by the US Army soldiers quartering in the bases in these countries. The started satellite stations use the satellite transponder Intelsat 10-02 and iDirect 1.2m system. They provide full communication via fast Internet connectivity of 1Mb, 2Mb, 3Mb or 4Mb. Together with the Wi-Fi transmitter, the system gives an easy Internet access and VoIP voice communication for all the mobile computer users within the base.
Monday, 05 March 2007
Finally, we can enjoy new phones of the Arabic network Thuraya, that features and range meet the modern cellular phones requirements. The new models are: SO-2510 and SG-2520. The first, SO-2510, among the others has the extended GPS localization services and GPRS up to 60kbps, satellite modem for the Internet and fax 9.6 kbps , SMS, 32 MB memory, color display and computer packet. SG-2520 enables additionally the simultaneous connectivity with the GSM and satellite networks.
Wednesday, 26 July 2006
Today we have set in operation the first satellite terminals for the Marines in Al Taqaddum AB, LSA Anaconda and FOB Speicher. The project has been realized upon the direct order from the logistics units of the United Stated Marine Corps. The contract deals with providing the access band on the iDirect platform for a dozen independent wireless networks in the bases in Iraq.
Saturday, 11 March 2006
We have started selling new models of mobile satellite modems. The devices provide broadband connectivity up to 512 kbps with simultaneous phone calls connections. Currently, we are offering the coverage area of whole Africa, Europe and Asia, and since mid 2006 in North and South America, too. Terminals BGAN are lighter and smaller that any typical laptop; they weigh less than a kilogram and can be put into operation in less than a minute.
Wednesday, 16 November 2005
We have added into our offer self-fixing vehicle-mounted antennas by the leading manufacturer Patriot. A typical mobile MVSAT set can be mounted to trucks, SUV's, pick-ups and buses. It enables the quick and fully automated connecting while a vehicle is parked. These devices are used mainly for Internet access and data transmission as well as data transfer in any place within the transmitting range of the selected satellite.
Wednesday, 09 November 2005
Since November 2005 we have been realizing orders for satellite phones and accessories from the operators’ warehouses in Great Britain, that makes the deliveries shorter. So far, any customs procedures (especially from the United Arab Emirates) counteracted any non-standard or express domestic and European orders.
Monday, 24 October 2005
Consecutive orders from private companies in Kazakhstan prove the growing interest for satellite Internet access in the country size of Western Europe. The largest networks designed by us are in the cities of Astana, Alma Ata and Semipalatinsk. Connections use the NSS-6 satellite, that transponder (Middle East Spot) covers literally the whole country. The most often chosen connection type is the broadband speed 1Mb to 2Mb – deal for the local networks of maximum 50 working stations.

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