Friday, 02 September 2005
There are already seven internet café’s in Africa, that use our Company’s solution. Each of them has now a broadband 512 kbps connection with the option to reconfigure any time to 1 Mbps. Connections has been set up on the Eutelsat W3A satellite for new customers in Kamerun, Uganda and Zambia.
Tuesday, 07 June 2005
The EDGE / GPRS cards are extremely popular among the users of skyDSL and they guarantee additionally the range on all the five continents within any GSM operator’s network. You may enjoy the access to your e-mail, company’s network and the Internet, regardless where you are going on business. All you need is to insert the card into your laptop.
Friday, 20 May 2005
The Himalayan expedition lead by Jacek Teler and Przemysław Orcholski and supported by us, that aims for the world highest summit, the Mont Everest, is already at 7600 MSL! The heroes are facing only a peak attack from the camp pitched on that height. We congratulate them their courage and wish the unforgettable impressions and safe trip back.
Friday, 01 April 2005
skyDSL is the same for the Internet as Formula 1 for the automotive world. There are unidirectional skyDSL connections with the maximal downlink up to 16 Mbps! The connections are put via the Telecom 2D satellite.
Monday, 21 February 2005
We have started a pilot project for grammar schools in Podkarpacie Region (Poland) and in Ukraine. The schools will be hooked to the Eutelsat satellite network via bidirectional VSAT connections. The concept and financing comes from UPS Polska, that has pledged to equip the school computer rooms, too.
Wednesday, 05 January 2005
Answering the requests for connectivity on the African continent, we have introduced selling satellite connection services of Eutelsat W3A, that leased transponder covers perfectly the whole area of Central and South Africa.
Friday, 05 November 2004
Since November every our customer can use the extended Inmarsat offer. The payments for the generated traffic are calculated upon the prepaid or postpaid system. We have introduced the attractive handsets prices when signing the half-year agreement.
Friday, 29 October 2004
We have started to sell accessories for the satellite phones Hughes 7101. The prepared sets contain: additional charger (including the solar one), the wiring and the PC software, a leather case, batteries and an office connection set.
Monday, 13 September 2004
We are offering the full range of services from the satellites Eutelsat Atlantic Bird 1, Atlantic Bird 2, Atlantic Bird 3, W1 and W3A. We set up dedicated VPN connections and the satellite Internet up to 40 Mbps. The transponders range covers whole Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.
Thursday, 01 July 2004
Our offer has been enriched with satellite connectivity NSS-6, that transponders cover all the Middle East region, the former Soviet Union countries and North-West Africa. Communication is realized via HUBa Linkstar, so it is possible to use universal satellite modems.

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