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satellite internet in AfricaSatellite Broadband in Africa
TS2 offer VSAT broadband access to the Internet in African areas with poor telecommunications infrastructure. The main medium of transmission is a broadband two-way satellite transfer system which provides good access to the internet in even the least accessible areas.

1 Mbps from $108,00 /month
1.5 Mbps from $384,00/ month
2 Mbps from $598,80/ month
3 Mbps from $738,00/ month

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Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)
Delivers simultaneous voice and broadband data communications via a lightweight, notebook-size device. Provides seamless network coverage across most of the world's landmass and offers Standard IP at speeds up to 492kbps and "on-demand" Streaming IP at up to 256kbps.

Basic Services Plan from $55,00/ month
Full Services Plan from $40,00/ month

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Hylas 2 (Ka Sat) / Afghanistan and Libya
Using the HYLAS 2 spacecraft, TS2 will provide its data and video services to Afghanistan, Libya, 
Eastern and Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East will be covered soon. In addition, the spacecraft is equipped with a steerable spot beam, also operating at Ka-band, which will be able to provide coverage anywhere on Earth that is visible to the satellite.

0,25Mbit up - 1,5Mbit down from  $124,88
0,5Mbit up - 0,5Mbit down $109,75
0,5Mbit up - 1Mbit down $124,00
0,5Mbit up - 1,5Mbit down from  $138,25
0,5Mbit up - 2Mbit down from  $152,50

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SES4 - Internet over Africa
TS2 proudly presents new C-Band VSAT services offer on SES-4 satellite carrier. SES-4 EH-EH @ 22°W (338°E) replaced NSS-7 to provide enhanced coverage over the Americas, Africa and Europe. It is ideal for video distribution, government, VSAT and maritime services. SES-4 was designed to expands and enhances satellite data traffic over Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It is most powerful satellite from SES series and is located at one of the most highly demanded orbital locations for transatlantic traffic.

128x512 Kbps 10:1 $247,50/ month
256x512 Kbps 10:1 $297,50/ month
256x768 Kbps 10:1 $396,25/ month

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Intelsat 22 / Broadband across Asia Pacific region
TS2 has launched new service on Intelsat 22 satellite which grants access to those located in Asia Pacific region. The design of the Intelsat 22 payload is optimized to address high growth service areas, to provide continuity of services and to support business strategic initiatives. The satellite supply 48 C- and 24 Ku-band 36 MHz equivalent transponders to network services and media customers in EMEA and APAC regions, providing incremental capacity for commercial and government applications.

256/128 Kbps from $185,00
512/256 Kbps from $300,00
1024/512 Kbps from $480,00
2048/256 Kbps from $720,00
4096/1024 Kbps from $1290,00

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AfricaSat 1A
AFRICASAT has been providing satellite capacity for Africa since 2008. The advanced AFRICASAT-1a satellite at 46.0°E provides high powered state of the art satellite capacity across the African continent, with connectivity to Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Leveraging facilities at MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre, and through partnerships with a select group of world class partners, AFRICASAT is able to provide a complete range of satellite solutions including VSAT services, disaster recovery, co-location, uplinking, broadband, IP termination services and HD/SD video playout solutions.

256x1024 Kbps 10:1 $370,00/ month
512x1024 Kbps 10:1 $436,00/ month
512x1536 Kbps 10:1 $581,00/ month

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YahClick is a game changing technology that will provide cost effective, high speed, wide reaching and reliable satellite broadband services to consumer and enterprise markets in the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia. The core of YahClick’s mission is to provide a wide range of flexible service packages with speeds, prices and service levels tailored to meet individual user and market conditions.

The optimum coverage and power of C-band beam is unrivalled in the region. It enables telecom operators, government agencies and business enterprises to reach out across Africa and the Middle East, and connect to Europe. In Ku band, we could offer service from three beams covering the Middle East, North Africa, South West Asia and Europe.

SingTel ST-2
ST-2 satellite have a wide-ranging footprint of C-band and Ku-band coverage that will cover the Middle East, Central Asia, Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. Apart from its high powered beams, it will also offer excellent switching capabilities to provide flexibility in meeting the demand that is required by different region.

Starting its operational services in the spring of 2012, AMG-23E-IS3 satellite will provide powerful pan-African C-band and regional Ku-band coverage from AstroMedia Global (AMG) orbital position at 23° E. AMG-23E-IS3 will be replaced by AMG-23E, scheduled for launch in 2014, commencing operational services at 23° E.

We guarantee dedicated connections within the scope of SCPC technology. Such solutions may be designed in order to support applications in various scenarios, such as networks for embassies, services for government or military institutions, communications on distant drilling platforms, transfer of television and radio signal, protective services for local ground nodes or entire networks, trunking or just Internet access.

E21B satellite is covering most parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Especially the most requested countries like Iraq and Afghanistan have a very good signal quality for higher modulations. We currently run four different networks on these satellites. Two iDirect Infinity networks, one for low band and for for high band LNBs as well as two networks for iDirect Evolution hardware.

Intelsat 10-02 & 901
Unlimited two-way satellite Internet access for the Middle East region. The main medium of transmission is a broadband two-way satellite transfer system which provides good access to the internet in even the least accessible areas. It not only provides an internet connection but also a wide range of additional services which we can start on our new satellite platform.

Since 1 June 2004 we have had on offer NSS-6 satellite links with transponders covering the whole Middle East region, the former Soviet Union countries, and Northwest Africa. Using NSS6 satellite, TS2 is able to provide medium to large organisation's with access to heavy-duty business applications, in both urban and remote areas.

Africa W3A
Two-way satellite Internet access for for Southern and Central Africa. W3A is one of Eutelsat's most sophisticated satellites, combining Ku- and Ka-band frequencies and on-board multi-plexing (SKYPLEX). It provides pan-European and pan-African coverage while guaranteeing connectivity between the two continents.

NSS 7 is a hybrid Ku- and C-band telecommunications satellite providing fixed satellite services, including video distribution, Internet access, corporate business networking and fixed services such as telephony and data. NSS7 satellite is providing coverage to the whole Africa.

Telstar 10
Telstar 10, located at 76.5 degrees East longitude, is equipped with 27 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders (36 MHz equivalents). The C-band payload provides coverage of Asia, Australia, parts of Europe and Africa. The Ku-band payload covers Korea, Taiwan, Macau and China, including Hong Kong. Telstar 10, which hosts one of the most extensive cable neighborhoods in Asia, distributes cable TV programming, direct-to-home services, telecommunications, as well as Internet and VSAT (very small aperture terminal) services.