Monday, 22 April 2013

Thuraya SatSleeve - iPhone as a Satellite Phone

TS2, a company based in Warsaw, presents Thuraya SatSleeve, a special iPhone 4 and 4S adapter to make satellite calls.

You do not have to buy expensive satellite phones anymore. Now the new smartphone addition is enough to stay connected in 140 countries covered by Thuraya satellites.

SatSleeve is designed for Apple models of the fourth generation. It enables to make satellite calls using your personal phone and emergency calls without iPhone. The appliance has an in-built battery, and a retractable antenna that facilitates its use in the field. It connects to the smartphone via a Bluetooth module after a special app is installed in the phone.

The product is intended for all those traveling in areas without GSM coverage in four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia). The Thuraya network is available throughout high mountains, deserts, steppes, oceans, seas, lakes, and uninhabited islands.

The appliance’s version for iPhone 5 is already available in pre-order program - devices would be delivered in second half of September 2013.

TS2 is a leading supplier of satellite communications systems. The company provides global telecommunications services within the coverage of international satellites. It offers all capabilities of using satellite technology for data transmission, phone calls, and Internet access.

TS2 has gained a strong standing in the international market, especially in Poland, in the Middle East, and in Northern Africa. Every day the Polish carrier’s services are used by customers from various industries, including the defense and government sectors, but also individual users and small companies.

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