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TS2 Space - Global Satellite Services


TS2 SPACE provides
telecommunications services by using the global satellite constellations

TS2 SPACE products are particularly useful in conditions where traditional communication is difficult or impossible, for example due to the lack of appropriate terrestrial infrastructure.

This is especially important for defense needs. In the case of participation in armed conflicts and peacekeeping missions, it is necessary to have encrypted communication systems and data transmission. At the same time, they should function independently of local telecommunications infrastructure.

Satellite communication systems are useful not only for the military. Rescue services, especially those working in difficult conditions where immediate response is crucial (e.g. at sea or in areas affected by natural disasters), also require an independent communication system.

TS2 SPACE also offers the possibility of renting satellite phones for extreme sports enthusiasts. In wild places, where there are no human settlements for hundreds of square kilometers, constant telephone contact can be a chance for a safe survival of the adventure of a lifetime.