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AirBridge Networks Develops Disaster Communication Solution for Remote Areas

AirBridge Networks Develops Disaster Communication Solution for Remote Areas

AirBridge Networks Develops Disaster Communication Solution for Remote Areas

AirBridge Networks, a finalist for the CRN Impact Awards, has announced the development of its all-in-one remote communications solution, known as the AirBridge Rapid Network Infrastructure, or ARNI Control. This solution is specifically designed for disaster-stricken areas, providing essential connectivity during times of crisis.

ARNI Control incorporates two Vocus Satellite Starlink service modules, which can deliver high-speed internet access at speeds of up to 500 megabits per second. The service also boasts low latencies, ensuring efficient and reliable communication capabilities.

Founder and managing director of AirBridge Networks, Doug Stephens, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Vocus, stating that they were able to bring the Starlink service to communities ahead of other providers. He emphasized the use of cutting-edge technology and components in ARNI Control, underscoring its importance as a defense mechanism for regional Australia.

Alongside internet access, ARNI Control offers additional features such as Wi-Fi, citizens’ band radio, mobile service boosters, and long-distance point-to-multipoint communication. This comprehensive system allows for seamless communication across various platforms, ensuring that essential connections remain intact during emergencies.

The power management system of ARNI Control is equally impressive, consisting of an electric start inverter generator, high-performance solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, a direct current to direct current battery management system, and a 2000 Watt inverter. These components provide a sustainable and reliable source of energy to support the communication infrastructure.

Stephens revealed that multiple councils in disaster-prone regions have expressed their interest in ARNI Control. The solution offers these communities a lifeline during times of crisis, enabling effective communication and connectivity when it is needed most.

Overall, AirBridge Networks’ development of ARNI Control represents a significant advancement in disaster communication technology. By providing a comprehensive and robust solution, the company aims to empower remote areas and ensure they have the means to stay connected even in the most challenging circumstances.

– Vocus Satellite Starlink: A satellite internet service provided by Vocus, offering high-speed connectivity.
– Latency: The time delay between the sending of a signal and its receiving.

– None