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Anything World Launches Animate Anything: AI Tool for Rapid Rigging and Animation of 3D Models

Anything World Launches Animate Anything: AI Tool for Rapid Rigging and Animation of 3D Models

Anything World, a 3D content creation startup, has unveiled a new AI tool called Animate Anything. The product aims to revolutionize 3D animation and game development by democratizing the process. With Animate Anything, creators can quickly rig and animate their static 3D models.

To use the tool, creators simply need to upload their own static 3D model and follow a few steps to check the rig, mesh, and rotation. Within minutes, a fully-animated 3D model is generated, ensuring that each creation is unique.

Jermaine Bouyea-Romeo, a 3D artist at Anything World, highlighted the importance of ownership, stating, “It’s unique to them and won’t be seen anywhere else, so they can fully own their creation visually.”

Anything World has been steadily developing its animation system since its establishment in 2019. Notable companies such as Ubisoft and Ministry of Sound have already utilized the tech to create digital experiences.

Animate Anything is expected to appeal to a wide range of users, including game developers, big studios, indie devs, content creators, app developers, and metaverse players. The key selling point of the product is its speed. Traditional rigging, which involves building interconnected digital joints and bones, can be a time-consuming process. However, Animate Anything promises to reduce the workload significantly, delivering results in as little as two minutes.

Bouyea-Romeo emphasized the benefits of the tool, stating, “By removing all these labor-intensive tasks, we free people up to focus on the important bits in the creative process like character or narrative/plot development.”

In addition to its speed, Animate Anything offers a diverse selection of characters, including humans, robots, aliens, animals, and mythical creatures such as dragons. The company also has plans to introduce more creatures in the future, including primates, hamsters, dinosaurs, lobsters, and cockroaches for those with a dystopian creative vision.

With the launch of Animate Anything, Anything World is poised to revolutionize the 3D animation industry by making the creation process faster, more accessible, and more diverse.

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