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Chandrayaan 3 Completes Lunar Exploration Tasks but Faces Challenges with Imprinting Indian Logo

Chandrayaan 3 Completes Lunar Exploration Tasks but Faces Challenges with Imprinting Indian Logo

Chandrayaan 3, the Indian lunar mission, has successfully completed most of its planned tasks during its 10-day exploration of the moon’s surface. However, it faced challenges when trying to imprint the Indian national emblem and the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) logo onto the lunar surface using the Pragyan Rover’s rear wheel.

According to ISRO’s chief, S Somanath, the moon’s surface turned out to be sticky and lumpy, making it difficult to obtain a clear image of the imprints. Despite this, he confirmed that the imprints were made and promised that enhanced pictures would be released in the future.

ISRO is currently working on reactivating the mission after the harsh lunar night, where temperatures can drop as low as -200 degrees Celsius. Although they have not yet received a signal from the Vikram Lander, ISRO will continue their efforts to awaken the rover and lander during the lunar day.

During an interview, Somanath explained that the markings on the Pragyan Rover were designed for specific lunar terrain, and the imprints were successfully made during testing on Earth. However, when the rover reached the lunar site, the terrain proved to be significantly different than expected. The stickiness and lumpiness of the lunar surface may have affected the quality of the imprints.

Somanath noted that while the images may not be very sharp, they are still visible, and efforts will be made to enhance and share them in the future. The challenge lies in capturing well-defined images on uneven terrain, as imprints tend to form better on flat, straight surfaces.

In conclusion, Chandrayaan 3 has accomplished most of its tasks during the lunar exploration, except for obtaining a clear image of the imprinted Indian emblem and ISRO’s logo. Despite the challenges faced, ISRO remains determined to continue their efforts and share enhanced pictures in the future.

– Singh Rahul Sunilkumar. “Chandrayaan 3 accomplished most tasks on lunar exploration but could not imprint Indian emblem, ISRO’s logo clearly on lunar surface by Pragyan Rover’s wheel.”
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