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Coqui Introduces XTTS: A Trailblazing Model for Generative Voice AI

Coqui Introduces XTTS: A Trailblazing Model for Generative Voice AI

Coqui, an AI startup founded by industry pioneers from Mozilla, is revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence with the release of XTTS, their groundbreaking foundation model for generative voice AI. XTTS builds upon the success of Coqui’s previous code and model releases, achieving even greater impacts. This open-access release supports speech in 13 languages, offering faster and more refined speech through advanced generative AI techniques.

One of XTTS’s remarkable features is voice cloning from just a 3-second audio clip. Additionally, it supports emotion and style transfer during cloning, cross-language voice cloning capabilities, and multi-lingual speech generation. With a superior 24kHz sampling rate, XTTS-v1 currently supports languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and more.

Hugging Face, a renowned AI platform, will host XTTS, highlighting the profound impact of this release. Coqui recently secured $3.3 million in seed funding, further cementing its position as a leader in the voice clone AI industry.

In collaboration with Hugging Face, Coqui aims to make XTTS universally accessible. Hugging Face’s role in hosting XTTS ensures an intuitive user experience for developers, researchers, and creative entities worldwide. This partnership symbolizes the unity of the open research domain, bridging the gap between open-access and proprietary systems.

Setting a new standard in open model licensing, Coqui has developed the Coqui Public Model License (CPML) in partnership with open-source licensing expert Heather Meeker. This license demonstrates Coqui’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and open AI advancement.

XTTS marks a transformative era in globally accessible voice AI technology, bridging the divide between open-access and proprietary systems. It offers unparalleled quality in voice generation and invites global innovators to redefine the frontiers of generative voice AI.

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