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TS2 Space - Global Satellite Services


Broadband connectivity anywhere at sea

Users have a connection to broadband anywhere at sea. FleetBroadband uses a compact antenna which delivers cost-effective voice and data, via a ground and 1-4 satellite network. Network availability is maintained over 99.9 per cent. Seamless global mobility is ensured with the reliable L-band service which provides unlimited backups to the Fleet Xpress high-speed service. Thousands of vessels already trust FleetBroadband for email, phone and other applications of operational communications.

These vessels are of all sizes and from every maritime sector. They use FleetBroadband to help them in numerous ways, such as plotting the most fuel-efficient route and diagnosing potential mechanical faults. Morale on board is also boosted. The crew can now contact their family and friends, access social media, keep up to date on the news and enjoy other forms of entertainment.

Most importantly, FleetBroadband gives non-SOLAS vessels access to safety services. Emergency vessels can communicate with a Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination center (MRCC) immediately, with the simple press of a distress button or by dialing 505.


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