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Global Maritime VSAT

Global Maritime VSAT

Global Maritime VSAT Broadband Satellite Communication Service

The Maritime VSAT portfolio from TS2 Space delivers high bandwidth Ku-Band services to provide industry leading flexibility and value. The satellite service is available with a broad range of customisable speeds and packages, and always with a CIR, to address the budgets and operational needs of customers across commercial shipping, fishing, offshore and leisure markets.


Fully managed Ku-Band VSAT service with a broad range of bandwidth options
Flexible L-Band back-up from Iridium and Inmarsat
Tried and tested hardware from Intellian, iDirect and Cisco
Flexible Fair Use Policy with guaranteed CIR
Crew communications with BYOD technology
Operational benefits through increased bandwidth and uncapped video capability
Expert VSAT engineering and installation services
Reliable 24/7 customer support
Futureproof and organically growing network and platform
Worldwide coverage Aura Coverage with Iridium L-Band back-up or Aura Coverage with Inmarsat FleetBroadband L-band back-up


We have a wide range of packages available offering MIR (up to 6144 / 1536) and CIR (up to 2048/1024). These are listed on our product sheet which you can download here. We can also offer bespoke packages on request.

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