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Google Bard Chat Conversations Accidentally Indexed on Search Results

Google Bard Chat Conversations Accidentally Indexed on Search Results

Google faced serious privacy concerns when transcriptions of conversations with Google Bard were discovered in Google search results last week. Users were alarmed to find their private conversations with Bard indexed on the search engine, raising questions about data privacy and confidentiality.

The indexing of these conversations was unintended, according to Google. The company assured users that they are actively working to block and remove these indexed conversations from search results. Danny Sullivan, representative of Google Search, responded to the concerns on Twitter, stating that Bard allows users to share chats, but the intention was not for these shared chats to be indexed. Google is currently taking measures to prevent their indexing.

In the meantime, Google advises Bard users to refrain from using the conversation sharing feature, which creates a public and indexable link, potentially exposing personal data. This incident has raised doubts among users about their trust in Bard and other AI assistants like Leo from Brave or Bing Chat. In the future, individuals may exercise caution when sharing information with artificial intelligence, fearing the possibility of their conversations becoming public.

Although Google is actively working on resolving the issue, it serves as a reminder for users to be vigilant and mindful about the information they share with AI chatbots. Data privacy remains a significant concern, and it is crucial for both companies and users to prioritize safeguarding personal information.

– Danny Sullivan on Twitter (X)
– Google SearchLiaison on Twitter (September 26, 2023)

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