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Google Bard Introduces “Memory” Feature to Improve Interactions

Google Bard Introduces “Memory” Feature to Improve Interactions

Google Bard Introduces “Memory” Feature to Improve Interactions

Remembering every little detail can be a challenge for humans, but what if you’re not human at all? Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, now has a new feature called “Memory” that helps it remember key details about its users. This feature allows Bard to provide personalized responses based on past interactions with individuals.

The “Memory” option can be toggled on or off, giving users the choice to have their interactions remembered or not. With this feature enabled, users who have interacted extensively with Bard before should receive different answers compared to new users. This adds a sense of continuity to the conversations, as Bard doesn’t start from scratch each time.

While the “Memory” feature is not yet available to everyone, Google is gradually rolling it out. Feedback from early users suggests that Bard can now remember details across conversations and utilize them to improve responses. Users also have the ability to manually add memories to Bard, such as dietary preferences or personal information, to further enhance their interactions.

This feature acts as a filter for Bard, ensuring that it takes users’ preferences and past interactions into consideration when providing suggestions or recommendations. For example, if a user mentions having two kids, Bard won’t suggest renting a two-seater Lamborghini for a family trip.

Google has been consistently working towards improving Bard’s capabilities. In addition to the “Memory” feature, the company also introduced Bard Extensions, which integrate with various Google tools such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights. These extensions allow Bard to use information from these platforms and services to provide more accurate and helpful answers. For instance, users can ask Bard to scan and summarize emails from their kid’s school if they haven’t had the chance to go through them.

This new “Memory” feature and the integration with Google tools demonstrate Google’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and making Bard more personalized and helpful for its users.

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