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Huawei Connect 2023 Conference Highlights Commitment to Intelligent Future

Huawei Connect 2023 Conference Highlights Commitment to Intelligent Future

On September 20, 2023, Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, hosted the Huawei Connect 2023 conference in Shanghai, where industry leaders and experts gathered to explore new opportunities for an intelligent future. Sabrina Meng, deputy chairwoman and CFO of Huawei, delivered the keynote address, sharing the company’s all-intelligence strategy to accelerate the transformation of industries.

Meng emphasized three key points during her speech. Firstly, Huawei aims to build a robust computing power foundation in China, providing an alternative option for the world. The company will enhance the integration of hardware, software, core, edge, and cloud, enabling diverse artificial intelligence computing needs across industries.

Secondly, Huawei is committed to supporting the proliferation of large models in the era of intelligence. The company will open up its computing power foundation, AI platform, and development tools, allowing organizations to train their own large models with industry-specific data. This approach enables each industry to develop its unique large models.

Lastly, Huawei has invested significantly in communication and computing theories, mathematics and algorithms, chemistry and materials science, physics and engineering technology, standards, and patents. The company plans to continue its hardware and software openness, collaborating with partners to foster industry growth and build a thriving ecosystem.

During the conference, David Wang, Huawei’s executive director and president of its enterprise business group, introduced the Atlas 900 SuperCluster. This new AI computing cluster, part of the Ascend series, is specifically designed for training massive AI foundation models with over one trillion parameters. It utilizes innovative architecture and Huawei’s Xinghe Network CloudEngine XH16800 switch, offering high computing power for AI development.

To further support developers, Huawei upgraded the Ascend Computing Language (AscendCL), providing a unified programming interface for custom frameworks and operators. This enhancement reduces development cycles, enabling rapid development of AI models and applications.

Additionally, Huawei released a whitepaper titled “Architecture for Intelligent Transformation of Public Services,” in collaboration with customers and partners. The whitepaper explores intelligent transformation trends, implementation directions, and offers insights into making public services more inclusive and well-targeted across major industries.

In summary, the Huawei Connect 2023 conference showcased Huawei’s commitment to an intelligent future through its all-intelligence strategy. The introduction of the Atlas 900 SuperCluster, upgrades to AscendCL, and the whitepaper release demonstrate Huawei’s dedication to advancing AI computing power and fostering industry collaboration.

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