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Japanese Government Adds AI Technologies to Key Technologies List for Cyber Defense

Japanese Government Adds AI Technologies to Key Technologies List for Cyber Defense

The Japanese government has announced that it will be adding 23 new technologies, including specific AI technologies, to its list of “Specified Key Technologies.” The government plans to fund research institutions to develop AI technologies for active cyber defense and detecting disinformation. The newly added technologies cover cyberspace, maritime, aerospace, and biotechnology.

This announcement follows reports that the Chinese military hacked Japan’s sensitive defense networks in 2020. The National Security Agency found that classified defense networks of Japan were compromised by Chinese military hackers. In response, Japan is now focusing on developing comprehensive defense plans against cyberattacks and AI technologies to detect disinformation.

Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada declined to comment on the details of Japan’s response to the cyberattack, citing national security concerns. However, AI expert Satoshi Masuda provided insights into how Japan could utilize AI for cyber defense, including analyzing dark wave traceability, creating crime prediction systems, conducting evaluations, and developing blockchain technology.

The Japanese government has recognized the importance of robust cyber defense capabilities and intends to attain active cyber defense capabilities. Funding AI technologies for cyber defense is seen as a crucial step in achieving this goal. Masuda emphasized the need for policymakers to properly understand AI technology to formulate effective policies.

Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Sanae Takaichi is advocating for the use of generative AI to fight disinformation. She believes that the government should use AI technology to identify and counter disinformation, as it has the potential to create confusion, delay help and rescue efforts during disasters, and undermine democracy.

The factors used by AI technology to determine disinformation should be disclosed and published for transparency. The potential of AI in various fields, particularly robotics, is being recognized in Japan. The government aims to utilize AI to enhance cybersecurity measures, detect insider information leaks, and appoint information supervisors.

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