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Kymeta Mobile Internet

TS2 Space - Global Satellite Services

Kymeta™ Mobile Broadband

Kymeta employs state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technologies to provide you and your business with optimal connectivity anywhere on the planet.

Kymeta™ Connect

With Kymeta’s Connect service, you can purchase whatever equipment you need in easy, monthly installments, without having to make any payments upfront. Designed with your convenience in mind, the product makes satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity as easy to acquire as a wireless plan.

KĀLO™ Services

Tired of complicated, difficult-to-understand contracts? With Kymeta’s KĀLO service, clients can purchase monthly packages per-gigabyte, not unlike standard mobile-phone plans. This way, businesses can attain optimal connectivity quickly and easily, on both fixed and mobile platforms. Providing maximum flexibility and scalability, our high-bandwidth KĀLO service is sure to meet all of your connectivity needs.

Kymeta™ u7 Terminals

Any business seeking to achieve and maintain a global reach needs a state-of-the-art satellite terminal. Fully compatible with both fixed and mobile platforms, Kymeta’s flat-panel, electronically-scanning u7 satellite terminal will ensure that your business maintains optimal round-the-world connectivity.

Kymeta™ u8 GEO Terminal

Boasting a wide range of groundbreaking new features, Kymeta’s next-generation u8 GEO Terminal is the final word in connectivity. It will ensure that you and your business enjoy totally secure communications anywhere and at any time.


A CopaSAT exclusive configuration, Kymeta’s CopaSAT STORM is a rugged, easily portable mobile SATCOM solution. It features a Kymeta u7 flat-panel satellite antenna, an iDirect 950 Modem, and a 25W BUC for ultrahigh-performance and fully-mobile communications.

Produced in partnership with Kymeta and iDirect, CopaSAT is a fully-integrated SATCOM solution that can ensure reliable communications even in the most hostile environments.

Boasting multiple options to ensure maximum flexibility, CopaSAT STORM is available in commercial, military, and transportable configurations.

Paradigm Manta™

This single-boxed ‘plug-and-play’ satcom terminal combines the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM®) and Kymeta’s cutting-edge flat-panel technology – all you need to do is provide power.

By combining a Kymeta u7 antenna with the PIM, MANTA provides a highly versatile solution fully compatible with all primary types of modem.
This formidable combination has yielded a rugged, highly portable device that can be fully depended upon in static and tactical environments.

Able to function both swiftly and accurately (and without need for tools), it can be fixed to a vehicle’s roof bars within minutes, ready to provide on-the-fly satcoms for mobile operations.  A hand-held remote allows users to acquire live-beam headings, select satellites, mute transmissions, and check system status.

mTenna™ PLUS
and mTenna™ SELECT

Working in conjunction with Kymeta flat-panel terminal outdoor units, mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT provide both performance amplification and coverage extension.

Designed to be used together across a broad array of applications, the mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT deliver highly versatile, portable, and scalable satellite connectivity solutions.


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