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TS2 SPACE offers a reliable satellite communication for maritime customers based on the VSAT network and the teleport infrastructure that we own. With the broad range of possibilities that we have as well as the knowledge of the field, we offer help in enhancing the communications as well as the operations at the sea, with quick results and the enhanced safety in a low-cost manner.

The mobile satellite systems ensure that the lives of the seafarers, hence enabling the ship to shore communication easily and also contribute to the security of the navigation and vessel itself by improving the situational awareness. Downloading the navigation chart updates over the mobile broadband is possible via the satellite, also to exchanging voyage, the fuel consumption, the weather as well as the other business process with the shore. The mobile satellite communications for the ships does also enable excellent reporting for the ships and the trawlers who are needed to comply with the fishing quotas.

Safety/anti-piracy capabilities and ship tracking have advanced through the satellite with the numerous commercial operators already having a very active role in ensuring the safety of the commercial interests of ship operators through an optimized routing. Thanks to the satellites, one can easily obtain the ship position, receive the safety advisory messages as well as communicate, and this includes the emergency calls, request support from the air as well as receive support to the anti-piracy actions.

The maritime service on E21A / NSS12 and T11N satellites grants access to the wide spectrum of services at Europe (Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, North Sea, Black Sea) and the coast of Africa. All satellite carriers provides KU services with multiple Contention Ratios up to dedicated links (1:1 CR), moreover we could provide customized services (if required service is not available in price list). Also there is option to provide FAP services if data limit is not an issue.


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