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Microsoft Patents AI-Powered Backpack for Wearables

Microsoft Patents AI-Powered Backpack for Wearables

Microsoft Patents AI-Powered Backpack for Wearables

Microsoft has filed a patent application for an “Artificial Intelligence Assisted Wearable,” which takes the form of an AI-powered backpack. The inventor, Brian Claire, a senior design lead at Microsoft, describes the backpack as being equipped with sensors such as a microphone and a camera. The backpack would be able to receive voice commands from the user and respond accordingly by taking into account its sensor readings.

The patent highlights the limitations of current digital assistants, noting that they are stationary or require the user’s attention. In contrast, the AI-powered backpack aims to address these drawbacks by being context-aware and capable of perceiving the user’s surroundings.

The diagrams accompanying the patent application show the backpack wirelessly connected to a laptop and server for processing sensor information and commands. If this concept becomes a reality, Microsoft would need to ensure that the backpack remains functional during long journeys.

Unlike traditional wearables like fitness trackers, smartwatches, and smartphones, the potential for offering different designs and sizes of smart backpacks is extensive. This could potentially make smart backpacks the next popular category of wearables.

Source: Neowin

– Artificial Intelligence (AI): Technology that enables machines to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.
– Patent: An exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor or assignee for a specified period in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.
– Wearable: A technology device worn on the body, typically worn as an accessory or incorporated into clothing or accessories.

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– Image Credit: Microsoft