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Microsoft Surface Pro 10: What to Expect

Microsoft Surface Pro 10: What to Expect

Microsoft Surface Pro 10: What to Expect

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Microsoft’s flagship device, the Surface Pro. While the naming scheme for the new model is uncertain, with the possibility of a Surface Pro X branding, one thing is almost certain – Microsoft will release a new Surface Pro model this year.

In 2021, we saw the launch of the Surface Pro 8, followed by the Surface Pro 9 in 2022. These models set the stage for the 10th-generation Surface Pro, which will be unveiled in the upcoming event.

Last year’s Surface Pro 9 was a solid Windows 2-in-1 device. It was praised by ZDNET Reviews Editor June Wan as “The MacBook competitor Windows users have been waiting for.” However, it didn’t bring any major design or functionality improvements compared to its predecessors.

With the Surface Pro 10, Microsoft has the opportunity to take a big step forward in terms of design and functionality. According to Windows Central, the biggest change with the upcoming model will be the introduction of two size options – a smaller 11-inch model alongside the existing 13-inch model.

The 11-inch Surface Pro is said to have a similar form factor to the Surface Go, but with slimmer bezels. This could provide users with a more compact and portable option without compromising on performance.

As always, stay tuned to ZDNET for the full reviews and details when Microsoft officially unveils the Surface Pro 10.

– Surface Pro: Microsoft’s flagship device, a versatile 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrid.
– Surface Pro X: A variant of the Surface Pro with a different branding and design.
– 2-in-1: A device that functions as both a laptop and a tablet, usually with a detachable or convertible keyboard.
– Form factor: The physical design and layout of a device or component.
– Bezel: The area around the screen of a device, usually housing the display edges and sometimes other components like cameras.

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