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TS2 Space - Global Satellite Services


TS2 SPACE has launched new service on NSS-6 Ku Band Australia satellite which grants access to those located in Pacific region.

TS2 offers as main and favorite solution the “always on-top service” characterized by offering a high bandwidth on the most sought contentions in the business sector. The satellite service can satisfy any client that needs a guaranteed connection and unlimited monthly traffic.


NSS-6 beam Australia
Antenna: 1.2m
Modem: iDirect INF 3100 or iDirect Evolution X5

Terms & Conditions

Contracts have a minimum duration of one year from .the activation of each terminal.

In order to activate the chosen service, a start up fee will have to be paid in advance. The amount of the start-up fee corresponds 1 month upfront payment and 1 month deposit to be received before start of service.

The remaining months will be invoiced monthly in advance.

Equipment have to be paid prior the shipping.

Failure on payment will immediately imply the outage of the service.

The cost of service reactivation after defaulting on a bill is 50$ per terminal. Prices are in US$, do not include any kind of taxes and are net.

Price list

The price list does not include individual discounts and special offers


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