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OpenAI and Scale Partnership Revolutionizes AI Customization

OpenAI and Scale Partnership Revolutionizes AI Customization

OpenAI and Scale have announced a groundbreaking partnership that aims to empower a wide range of companies in maximizing the benefits of OpenAI’s cutting-edge models. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) by providing them with the tools to securely customize advanced models tailored to their specific needs.

The key feature of this partnership is the fine-tuning capability, which has already been successfully launched for GPT-3.5 Turbo and is scheduled to be available for GPT-4 in the coming months. Fine-tuning allows companies to use their proprietary data to customize OpenAI models, ensuring that the data remains the sole property of the customer, thus guaranteeing privacy and security.

As a preferred partner, Scale brings its extensive experience in helping enterprises leverage data for AI. This partnership expands the benefits of fine-tuning, enabling Scale customers to fine-tune OpenAI models and gain from Scale’s enterprise AI expertise and Data Engine.

The initial results of this partnership have already showcased its value. Scale successfully fine-tuned GPT-3.5 for Brex, a financial services company. By utilizing language models, Brex was able to generate high-quality expense memos, easing compliance requirements and saving significant employee time. The fine-tuned GPT-3.5 model outperformed the stock GPT-3.5 Turbo model 66% of the time when tested on Brex data, highlighting the potential of this collaboration.

Scale’s approach to fine-tuning is comprehensive, leveraging the Scale Data Engine to prepare and enhance data, fine-tuning GPT-3.5, and customizing models with plugins and retrieval augmented generation. Scale also employs its Test and Evaluation platform and trained domain experts to ensure that the customized model surpasses performance expectations and safety requirements.

The partnership between OpenAI and Scale emphasizes the power of fine-tuning and its potential to transform the future of AI. By providing businesses with the necessary tools to securely customize advanced models, this collaboration aims to enhance the utility of AI across various industries.

– Scale & OpenAI

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