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Organize Your Utility Pictures with NeuralBox

Organize Your Utility Pictures with NeuralBox

Are you tired of cluttering your phone’s gallery with utility pictures? Do you struggle to find specific photos when you need them? NeuralBox, a new app from NeuralCam, aims to solve these problems by turning your iPhone into a visual memory aid.

NeuralBox offers a better solution for storing and capturing utility photos. It compresses and stores photos in a highly compressed, low-resolution format, saving storage space on your device. Unlike the default camera app, which produces large image files, NeuralBox’s photos are still clear and readable.

One of the standout features of NeuralBox is its advanced cataloging system. Traditional photo management platforms like Apple Photos and Google Photos have limited search capabilities, making it difficult to find specific photos. NeuralBox uses a “Hybrid Neural Search” that combines Optical Character Recognition and computer vision to sort and categorize photos. This allows for natural and intuitive searching based on both textual information and visual characteristics.

The app’s unique approach also includes a “More Like This” feature, which lets you easily find similar photos. For example, if you’ve captured labels of wine bottles to buy later, you can use this feature to browse through all your wine pictures.

One concern users may have is the app’s reliance on an internet connection for sorting new images. However, NeuralCam founder Levente Szabo reassures users that they do not use uploaded images to train their models.

Currently, NeuralBox is only available on iOS, which limits cross-platform compatibility. However, an Apple Silicon-powered Mac can run the iOS app. The free version of NeuralBox adds a watermark to shared photos and does not offer cloud storage or account syncing. The Plus subscription, priced at $5, removes the watermark, provides 50GB of cloud storage, and offers additional features like a document scanning mode and cross-device sync.

NeuralBox is a game-changer for those who want an efficient and organized way to manage utility photos. With its AI-enabled technology and intuitive search capabilities, NeuralBox is a powerful tool for visual memory aid. Say goodbye to cluttered galleries and easily find the photos you need with NeuralBox.

– Utility photos: Photos taken for practical purposes, such as capturing important information like passwords, parking locations, or receipts.
– Hybrid Neural Search: A search function that combines AI technologies, including Optical Character Recognition and computer vision, to categorize and search photos based on text and visual content.

Source: Original article titled “Organize Your Utility Pictures with NeuralBox”