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PUMA India Launches AI-Led Campaign, PUMA DIVE

PUMA India Launches AI-Led Campaign, PUMA DIVE

PUMA India Launches AI-Led Campaign, PUMA DIVE

Sports brand PUMA India has introduced a new AI-led campaign called PUMA DIVE. The brand’s ambassador, Virat Kohli, announced the campaign on his social media platforms by sharing a picture of himself diving and encouraging fans to rate it. PUMA has noticed the comparisons made by fans between Kohli’s iconic on-pitch dives and the brand’s leaping cat logo. This inspired them to create a platform where fans can upload their own dive images.

Participants in the campaign are invited to upload their best dive images from various everyday activities such as swimming, skydiving, or even attending PUMA’s offline events. The integration of generative AI technology in the campaign allows for the assessment of the accuracy of each dive in relation to PUMA’s logo. The top entries will have the opportunity to play a real-life cricket match against Kohli or win his special boots.

The campaign aims to engage fans in a fun and innovative way, celebrating iconic moments and providing an immersive experience. Karthik Balagopalan, managing director of PUMA India, stated, “Our #PUMADive campaign is a reflection of PUMA’s unique approach at capturing a collective emotion and creating innovative ways for people to own and express it.”

The campaign was conceptualized by Leo Burnett India, who utilized AI technology to offer fans dive scores for each dive they capture and share. Sachin Kamble, national creative director of Leo Burnett India, expressed that their vision for the campaign is to make “PUMA Dive” a universally recognized phrase.

Overall, PUMA India’s AI-led campaign, PUMA DIVE, provides fans with an interactive platform to showcase their own dive images and offers exciting rewards for their participation.

– PUMA India
– Leo Burnett India

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