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Satellite Phones


Satellite phone gives
a feeling of safety and guarantees constant global communication

A satellite telephone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites. Depending on the architecture of a particular system, coverage may include the entire Earth or only specific regions.

Modern satellite phones are very similar to standard mobile phones in terms of appearance and functionality. The difference between the satellite phone and mobile roaming is a lower cost of international calls, free of charge incoming calls and SMS regardless of network, as well as unlimited coverage. 

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satellite phones, prepaid and postpaid airtime


Iridium is a satellite communications company that offers voice and data connectivity anywhere in the world.


Thuraya offers innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors including energy, government, broadcast media, maritime, military, aerospace and humanitarian NGO.`


As the pioneer and world leader in mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for nearly four decades.


Globalstar offers a full range of voice and data products to keep you connected wherever your business or life takes you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental of satellite phones
Monthly rental of a satellite phone is an average cost of PLN 1000 – PLN 1300 or PLN 50 per day.

Satellite phone subscription
We launch subscription contracts for customers in Poland and Europe.
The price of the Iridium subscription is the equivalent of USD 70 per month. The average price for calls per minute is USD 1.40, SMS USD 0.50.
Activation in the Thuraya network costs USD 26, monthly subscription USD 16-35, call minute USD 0.68 – USD 0.79 or USD 1.12-2.37, SMS USD 0.41.
Inmarsat costs USD 65 per month, USD 1.00-1.20 per minute, USD 0.50 for SMS.

How does a satellite phone work?
Satellite phones are similar to mobile phones, except that they send a signal with much more power – it must reach a satellite placed in Earth’s orbit. How it’s working? We dial the number, the phone connects to the satellite, which sends a return signal to the user’s specific location, then to the satellite operator’s operational center. From there, it is redirected to selected terrestrial networks that allow you to establish a connection. There is one condition: you must be outside, under the open sky. The phone must “see” the satellite and have direct contact with it.

Satellite smartphone
Several smartphone manufacturers are already working on satellite features for mobile phones. In China, Huawei Mate 50 allows you to send satellite SMS with the help of the BeiDou navigation network. The Apple iPhone has this option in the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the UK. Qualcomm is already working on Snapdragon Satellite chip that will enable similar features in Android smartphones. SpaceX also announces the launch of satellite communication services for 5G mobile phones as part of the Starlink network.

Can you track a satellite phone?
Yes. Each satellite phone transmits its GPS position to the operator before establishing a connection. Each of the operators has applications for monitoring satellite phone users.

Can satellite phone conversations be tapped?
Operators exclude such a possibility, but the encryption algorithms used in satellite networks are not the latest. In addition, the uniformed services of many countries cooperate with satellite network operators.

Military satellite phone
We offer satellite phones certified for the army and government administration. These are the Iridium 9555 GSA and Iridium 9575 GSA models.

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