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Scorpion Launches Connect with AI Chat, Empowering Local Businesses with Generative AI Technology

Scorpion Launches Connect with AI Chat, Empowering Local Businesses with Generative AI Technology

Scorpion, a leading provider of digital marketing technology for local services businesses, has announced the release of its newest product, Connect with AI Chat. This groundbreaking offering allows local businesses to have their own customized natural language conversational AI chatbot, capable of answering customer questions and providing information about their services without the need for technical expertise.

By making this technology accessible to local businesses, Scorpion is leveling the playing field and empowering them to compete with enterprise-level organizations. Each business that utilizes Scorpion’s AI Chat benefits from a customized AI model that is available 24/7 and trained specifically on the details of their company, unique selling propositions, and industry. The AI is continuously refined through real customer conversations, resulting in ideal responses.

Connect with AI Chat offers local businesses a simple and effective way to engage with potential customers online. It seamlessly interacts with website visitors, addressing their inquiries and guiding them towards relevant actions, such as scheduling an appointment or making a payment. This means that businesses can provide a convenient and exceptional customer experience right from the moment visitors interact with their website.

Scorpion’s AI Chat is designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities faced by local services businesses. Unlike other generative AI solutions that may provide inaccurate or inappropriate responses, Scorpion’s AI Chat is specially tuned to deliver factually accurate, up-to-date, and safe answers. It follows industry-specific workflows and behavioral guidelines developed through Scorpion’s 20 years of experience with law firms and home service professionals.

The incorporation of industry and business-specific knowledge into each chat response ensures a personalized experience for every new conversation. This empowers website visitors to easily access the information they need to move forward in the buying process. Ultimately, businesses using Scorpion Connect with AI Chat can expect improved engagement, increased conversions, accurate answers around the clock, and reduced workload for staff.

Scorpion has been helping local businesses leverage technology and marketing to achieve their goals for over two decades. Their expertise in understanding local markets and optimizing marketing efforts has helped businesses drive revenue. With Scorpion’s AI technology, businesses can run efficiently and unify all aspects of their operations towards reaching their goals.

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– AI: Artificial Intelligence
– Chatbot: A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users

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