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Maritime Services

WHAT WE OFFER Broadband Satellite & Sea Security

We deliver connectivity solutions for all maritime segments – from the smallest fishing boat to the largest ferry.

Iridium Pilot

Maritime Internet everywhere on the planet

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Global Xpress Ka-band Maritime

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Broadband connectivity anywhere at sea

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Delivering high speed and expanded coverage

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VSAT Maritime

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VSAT Maritime

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Internet in South America, Caribbean Sea, Africa and the Middle East.

TS2 proudly presents new C-Band services offer on SES-4 satellite carrier. SES-4 EH-EH @ 22°W (338°E) replaced NSS-7 to provide enhanced coverage over the Americas, Africa and Europe. It is ideal for video distribution, government, VSAT and maritime services. SES-4 was designed to expands and enhances satellite data traffic over Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It is most powerful satellite from SES series and is located at one of the most highly demanded orbital locations for transatlantic traffic. SES-4