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SeaTS2 Maritime Broadband

TS2 Space - Global Satellite Services

SeaTS2 is a VSAT service. This is the latest communications solution from TS2 SPACE. Unlimited internet access is provided with a multi-functional platform. Networks can be easily managed, along with ship communication from the shore. Vessels and marine companies are supplied with complete communications solutions over Eutelsat 70B (E70B, W5A, Eutelsat W5A) and Eutelsat 7A (E7A, W3A, Eutelsat W3A).

Basic functions

– Unlimited internet onboard
– QoS and channelization of communication channels
– A HotSpot voucher system for ship users
– Module WiFi network for ship users
– Firewall and Web Filters
– Cyber protection
– Reliable business communication in real time and traffic control
– VoIP Voice Communication Module
– Access to Email, Multimedia, TV, Video, Social Networks
– Module for 3/4G, LTE communication
– Client Interface for Monitoring and Control
– Fixed monthly fee


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