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SpaceX’s New Compact Starlink Antennas Approved by US Regulator

SpaceX’s New Compact Starlink Antennas Approved by US Regulator

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SpaceX’s application for two new models of antennas for its satellite communication network, Starlink. One of the antennas is a compact version designed for portability, measuring 29 × 25 cm. It will enable consumers to access high-speed broadband connectivity with low latency, regardless of their location, including rural and remote areas where mobile or portable applications are needed.

The second antenna submitted by SpaceX for FCC approval is an updated standard Starlink antenna, measuring 57 × 36 cm. It offers a “high-performance solution for consumers, improving upon the models of previously authorized user terminal stations by SpaceX Services.”

The approval of these new antennas is another step forward for SpaceX’s Starlink project, which aims to provide global broadband coverage using a constellation of thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit. With these antennas, users will have access to reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, bridging the digital divide and bringing internet access to underserved areas.

SpaceX has been rapidly expanding its Starlink satellite network, recently deploying an additional 22 satellites into orbit. Although the project faced a global outage earlier, it continues to make progress towards its goal of providing internet coverage worldwide.

In conclusion, the approval of these new compact antennas by the FCC is a significant development for SpaceX’s Starlink project. With portable and upgraded antennas, the company’s satellite communication network will be able to provide high-speed broadband connectivity to consumers around the world, including those in rural and remote areas.

– Teslarati