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Starlink’s Starshield Wins Contract with US Space Force

Starlink’s Starshield Wins Contract with US Space Force

Starlink’s Starshield offering has secured a contract with the United States Space Force. The contract, which was awarded on September 1 and has a ceiling of $70 million, will provide customized satellite communications for the military. SpaceX’s Starshield will offer end-to-end service through the Starlink constellation, including user terminals, ancillary equipment, network management, and other related services.

The contract is part of the “Proliferated Low Earth Orbit” contracts program of the U.S. Space Force, which aims to leverage communications services provided by satellites in orbit from 100 to 1,000 miles above Earth. SpaceX is competing with 15 other companies for the program, and this contract with the Space Force adds to their growing portfolio of Pentagon business.

Earlier this year, SpaceX won a Pentagon contract for Starlink satellite communications to the Ukrainian military. The company was also contracted to launch a Falcon 9 with 13 satellites for the Pentagon’s Space Development Agency. As part of this new contract, SpaceX will receive around $15 million in funding to support 54 “mission partners” across the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

This contract win is a significant milestone for Starlink’s Starshield, as it solidifies their position as a trusted provider of satellite communications for national security purposes. This partnership with the U.S. Space Force highlights the increasing importance of reliable and secure internet connectivity in military operations and defense strategy.


  1. Maria Merano, Teslarati