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Step Into a New Dimension of AI Learning and Networking: AImpact 2023

Step Into a New Dimension of AI Learning and Networking: AImpact 2023

AImpact 2023 is not your ordinary tech conference. It goes beyond just talking about the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and actually demonstrates it. This event is a vision of the future, where AI is not seen as a threat to humanity, but as a tool for humanity.

With over 35 industry-leading experts, including neuroscientist turned AI ethics consultant Dr. Laura Palmer and AI software model creator Lauren Wallett, AImpact 2023 promises to be a source of knowledge, strategies, and groundbreaking progress in the field of AI.

The conference features a three-day agenda packed with deep dives into AI fundamentals and applications in business, discussions on AI ethics and responsible applications, and a unique crowdstorming event. This crowdstorming event harnesses the power of the hive mind, turning 5,000 attendees into a massive think tank focused on shaping the future of AI.

AImpact 2023 is not just about tech talk; it’s about humanity talk. The speaker lineup includes CEOs, authors, and leaders who have used AI to transform social norms. For example, Dr. Manish Mehta has used AI technologies to revolutionize Disney, and Christopher S. Penn is a six-time IBM Champion in Data and AI.

What sets AImpact 2023 apart is that it is designed by an all-women team. Hailey Wilson, Courtney Anderson, and Elizabeth Sage bring a fresh perspective to how we think and act around AI. They have also created an AI buddy, Hal AI, who will guide attendees through the conference, making their experience truly one-of-a-kind.

AImpact 2023 is not just an event; it’s a vision for the future. It aims to show that AI and humanity can coexist and thrive together. If you want to be a part of this revolutionary event, secure your spot at the AImpact website.

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