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The Smart Coop: Understanding Your Backyard Chickens with AI

The Smart Coop: Understanding Your Backyard Chickens with AI

More than 17 million US households have turned to backyard chickens, driven by the environment, rising egg prices, and the impact of the pandemic on home life. To meet the needs of these chicken enthusiasts, the Smart Coop has introduced an innovative artificial intelligence-powered system known as Albert Eggstein. With this system, owners can now understand what their chickens are communicating to each other and to them.

The Smart Coop’s AI system, Albert Eggstein, offers 24/7 monitoring of backyard birds through mounted cameras that provide constant video streaming. The system’s sound-detection software, known as “Cluck talk,” analyzes the decibels and patterns of clucks, chirps, and other bird sounds. It can determine if the chickens are hungry, happy, broody, in danger, or involved in pecking-order drama.

All data and video collected by Albert Eggstein can be summarized for a weekly rundown sheet, allowing owners to identify patterns such as predator activity or issues within the flock. Additionally, the system provides access to CloudCluck storage, which retains footage and sound for 30 days.

In the next six months, the Smart Coop team plans to introduce further monitoring features that can detect subtle signs of health issues. Chickens tend to hide illnesses, making early detection challenging. This new technology aims to notify owners if a chicken is lethargic or drinking less water over time.

The Coop team also intends to develop telehealth functionality within the app, connecting Coop owners with a network of vets who can review gathered footage for timely intervention.

The creators of the Smart Coop, AJ Forsythe and Jordan Barnes, designed the coop and its smart-tech gadgetry over 10,000 hours. Their goal was to provide an easy entry into backyard chicken rearing, with 56% of their customers being first-time chicken raisers.

Beyond the supply of eggs, chickens make great pets. They are intelligent, affectionate animals that offer up to a decade of companionship. Flock dynamics and interactions provide entertainment and amusement for chicken-watchers.

To access Albert Eggstein’s current and future features, subscribers need to join the Coop Club for an additional $19 per month. The Smart Coop is priced at $1,995 for early-bird customers, with a standard price of $2,595.

While regulations on backyard chickens have become more relaxed, it is essential to check local authorities for specific guidelines on flock size limitations and coop placement.

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