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Top 10 Innovative AI Startups in India

Top 10 Innovative AI Startups in India

India has emerged as a dominant player in the field of AI, with the government providing substantial support to startups in this sector. These AI-based startups are focused on developing new products and services that contribute to the growth of productivity and income in the domestic market. Here, we highlight the top 10 innovative Indian AI startups that are making a significant impact.

1. Avaamo: Established in 2022, Avaamo is a conversational AI platform that offers personalized assistance to sectors such as healthcare, banking, education, insurance, and supply chain. Its voice demo feature enables users to access immediate assistance.

2. Wysa: Wysa aims to help individuals manage stress through AI-guided listening. With 24/7 professional expert services, Wysa uses an AI chatbot to provide high-quality mental health assistance using evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques (CBTs).

3. has created the world’s leading conversational CX platform for consumer-centric companies. By merging human intelligence and AI, enables active learning to create on-demand consumer experiences at scale.

4. Intello Labs: Intello Labs utilizes AI, machine learning, and computer vision to minimize food waste. By digitizing the quality evaluation of fresh produce, Intello Labs transforms quality procedures and reduces waste.

5. Myelin Foundry: This deep-tech product-based startup uses AI algorithms to modify human experiences and industry outcomes. Its Myelin Edge AI platform provides real-time insights, edge AI, and better audiovisuals.

6. LocoNav: LocoNav is a fleet management startup that aims to democratize fleet technology access. It provides full-stack fleet software to drivers and fleet owners in emerging and high-growth markets.

7. Ripple: Ripple is an AI-driven full-stack distribution startup that offers distribution as a service (DaaS) to brands. It builds both digital and offline capabilities to help brands test and scale their products in the market.

8. Agric: Agric is the world’s first AI-based SaaS stack for entities in the agriculture sector. It leverages cutting-edge technologies to reinvent transactions across the food supply chain and eliminate inefficiencies.

9. Expertrons: Expertrons is an AI-based video bot platform that offers online training and development programs to students seeking career guidance.

10. is an intelligent automation platform that helps enterprises achieve autonomy by automating complex business processes. It empowers business users to adapt to changes and innovate faster.

These innovative Indian AI startups are revolutionizing various industries and contributing to India’s position as a global leader in AI technology.

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