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TS2 has become an authorized partner of Inmarsat

TS2 has become an authorized partner of Inmarsat

TS2, a Polish company providing satellite services, has joined the group of authorized distributors of Inmarsat.

Following the agreement, the offer range can be extended with highly advanced Inmarsat satellite communications technologies. Access to global know-how makes it possible to continuously improve qualifications and competence of employees in the demanding and dynamically changing telecommunications market. Acquiring partnership certificate of leading satellite phone operator proves high position of TS2 in the local market.

At present, TS2 offers the following Inmarsat products:

  • BGAN – portable satellite terminals providing Internet access almost everywhere in the world.
  • IsatPhone Pro – the lowest cost satellite phone offering global coverage.
  • SwiftBroadband – telecommunications services for aviation industry. These solutions are used in over 8,000 aircrafts all over the world.
  • Fleet 33, Fleet 55, Fleet 77 – Maritime satellite communications systems (phone, fax, Internet access, vessel tracking).
  • FleetBroadband 150, FleetBroadband 250, FleetBroadband 500 – broadband services for vessels of all types and sizes.
  • FleetPhone – low-cost satellite phone for smaller vessels and boats.
  • Inmarsat C / mini-C, Inmarsat M / mini-M, LandPhone – previous voice communication and data transfer systems.

TS2 and Inmarsat work together also to develop the following telecommunications solutions: restoring communications in emergency situations, data and voice encryption, communication at sea, radio communication, telemetry, vessel monitoring and tracking, video-conferences, enterprise networks and other services of satellite data and voice transfer.

Satellite communication offered by TS2 is particularly useful in conditions where traditional communication is difficult or impossible, for example due to a lack of adequate infrastructure on the ground. This is of particular significance for defense needs. In cases of participation in armed conflicts and peacekeeping missions, having encrypted communications and data transmission systems is a necessity. At the same time they should operate independently of local telecommunications infrastructure.

TS2 services were, and still are, successfully used by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In these locations, reliable and independent satellite telecommunications systems support military operations, guaranteeing their efficient execution. In addition, satellite telecommunications systems also increase the level of security of persons taking part in military operations.

Satellite telecommunication systems are useful not only for the military. Emergency services, particularly those working in difficult conditions, where immediate response is crucial (e.g. at sea or in areas affected by natural disasters), also require an independent communications system.

The company also offers satellite phone rental for lovers of extreme tourism. In wild areas, where there is no human settlement over many hundreds of square miles, constant phone contact may increase the chances of safely surviving a trip of a lifetime. For example, groups taking off to the Siberian steppes use the company’s services.