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US Army engineers choose BGAN from TS2 Space

US Army engineers choose BGAN from TS2 Space

BGAN is supporting US Army engineering operations and helping boost the morale of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Two new contracts awarded by the US Army to Inmarsat partners demonstrate the range of applications offered by the mobile broadband solution. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is using BGAN for remote planning, building and disaster recovery.

Disaster response

USACE provides engineering and infrastructure services for navigation, flood control, disaster response and also constructs military facilities. The corps has in recent years been deployed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and has assisted in Iraq and Afghanistan actions. Global satellite communications provider Vizada is sub-contracting services to Delta Wave Communications, that will provide BGAN and other mobile satcom services to USACE.

Constant contact

Vizada says BGAN will enable constant contact between headquarters and teams in the field, thanks to which the operations will be run in a more smooth way. BGAN will also give greater autonomy and improve morale for people working remotely for USACE through broadband data connections.

“Vizada continues to enhance its service and solution offerings to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers such as USACE,” said Bob Baker, president of Vizada Inc.

Link with home

BGAN is also providing a much-wanted link with home for US Army soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. TS2 SPACE is supplying rugged, lightweight Thrane & Thrane Explorer terminals so soldiers can access the internet and email, with airtime provided by Satcom Group. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees C and also resistant to water, humidity, shock and dirt, the terminals are highly portable and quick and easy to set up.

“The internet access has resulted in major morale improvements. Troops no longer feel cut off from home – this is especially important for the many who are married and have young children,” said TS2 chief executive Marcin Frackiewicz.