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Vera Raises $2.7 Million to Create a Toolkit for Responsible AI

Vera Raises $2.7 Million to Create a Toolkit for Responsible AI

Vera Raises $2.7 Million to Create a Toolkit for Responsible AI

Liz O’Sullivan, a member of the National AI Advisory Committee and co-founder of Arthur AI, has launched a new startup called Vera with the aim of making AI safer. Vera has closed a $2.7 million funding round led by Differential Venture Partners, and the funds will be used to grow the team, conduct research and development, and scale enterprise deployments.

Vera’s platform focuses on generative AI models that generate text, images, and music. The company builds a toolkit that allows companies to establish “acceptable use policies” for generative AI and enforce these policies across open source and custom models. By using proprietary language and vision models, Vera identifies and blocks potential risks in model inputs, such as personally identifiable information, security credentials, intellectual property, and prompt injection attacks. The platform also places constraints on what models can generate in response to prompts, giving companies greater control over model behavior.

O’Sullivan acknowledges that no model is perfect, but Vera’s approach aims to address the worst behaviors of generative AI models. While there may be some challenges and biases in content moderation models, Vera’s models have been iterated and refined to mitigate these risks. O’Sullivan emphasizes the importance of actively controlling AI to ensure its benefits outweigh the risks and believes that Vera can help companies do just that.

Vera faces competition in the market for model-moderating technology, with companies like Nvidia, Salesforce, Microsoft, HiddenLayer, DynamoFL, and Protect AI developing similar solutions. However, Vera’s value proposition lies in its ability to tackle a wide range of generative AI threats simultaneously. The startup already has customers and is opening up a waitlist for more.

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